best hobbies in quarantine

6 Best Quarantine Hobbies to try in Lockdown

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Ever since this deadly virus annihilated our lives, there is a massive change in our lifestyle. There came the point where we had to adapt the patterns that were never practiced before. While you are quarantined at your home with a consistent stream of bad news, doing work online caused hysteria to many of us. No doubt, It is pretty challenging to bottle up your emotions and stay contented all the time. Does this mean surrendering yourself against corona? Not at all. Later on, there may come a time in your life where you would regret not utilizing this golden opportunity. So, fill colors in the blurred images of your life. Keep your head and spirits high and sail your boat; don’t let it wreck.

Here are the top six hobbies that you can embrace while quarantining:

Morning Walk

Are you losing track of time? Well, you must work on this then. While we are in quarantine, our Worktime has taken over the entire downtime we had. We tend to spend our quality time sitting in front of our computer screens. The bothersome habit of sleeping at uncertain times calls for a breakthrough in your routine. Try getting out of your bed early and exposing yourself to sunlight stretch your body, unwind and relax. It is ideal to go in the morning. Try making it a ritual. It reenergizes you and motivates you to kick start your day. Reminiscing the beauty you saw on your morning walk on a tough day might boost you too. Let nature soothe your inner agitation. Absorb the natural serenity; it will reflect in your daily life. Observe every minute detail. A very famous quote by W.H. Davies;                  

What is this life if, full of care?
We have no time to stand and stare.

Well, now is the time to slow down, observe and ponder.


Calm yourself with meditation. Be it in any form, whatever that proves to be more effective to you, i.e., praying, yoga. It is pretty arduous to be at peace in quarantine. One way is by quieting your thoughts and let mediation take over your anxiety. Meditation will help you master your time. It will make you happy and content by keeping your nerves calm. Remember, meditation is gratification. It would help if you remembered that you need to stay away from the temptations of taking drugs during meditation. You can always seek professional help if you are an addict.

Learn a new skill

Having easy internet availability, thousands of new skills are merely a touch away from you. This implies to all ages, either you are young or old. Discover the undiscovered. Do something that you would not have even imagined in your wildest dreams.

  • Cooking, baking, sewing, painting, planting, playing instruments, singing, and the list goes on. Hop on in your venture, and don’t stop till you complete it. Don’t procrastinate and live what you start mid-way.
  • You can also learn a new language. Several apps guide you to learn a foreign language from basic to complex level. It will help you apply to foreign countries, plus it will make your resume much more valuable.
  • Explore your artistic side. You can even learn new art techniques and polish your artistic skills. Afterwards, you can sell your service or product in the market. For example, resin art, a well-known art technique especially during the past year, is used to create exquisite ornamental pieces. This craft can be learned, and you can later start your own business out of it. Thereby helping you earn extra money. We can see how small businesses are flourishing during this pandemic. People are inclined to buy handmade pieces.
  • Apart from this, you can always try new exercises; bicep stretches are a must to try in quarantine.


An empty mind is the devil’s house. Right? So rather than damaging your mind with depressing thoughts, nourish it with healthy knowledge. Calm yourself by reading meaningful and thought-provoking books, novels, or journals. Enlighten your soul with self-knowledge. Try to develop extensive reading skills. If you find it hard to concentrate while reading, switch on a mellow light, lighten your room with scented candles and enjoy your reading. Reading is a particular skill that will give you immense pleasure.


This hobby can be taken up even by toddlers! Gardening is a rewarding hobby. It is soo exciting to see a plant grow. While you are home-bound, you can grow your fruits and vegetables in your kitchen garden. Isn’t it lovely? This is a time-consuming hobby. You will have to plant, water, clean, and take care of them regularly. You will engage with nature in a fun and relaxing way. Holding the end product that you harvested in your hand will be a moment of sheer happiness. Every morning you will look forward to completing a task and observing the progress of your garden.

Declutter your Belongings

Donate the items you don’t want. Don’t stuff your cupboards and drawers with unnecessary products that you barely touch once a year. Please give it to those who are in dire need of it. Who needs it more than you. Flooding your cupboard with unnecessary clothes and shoes is wrong.

Moreover, it is Whenever you unpack your seasonal clothes try donating unwanted stuff. Donating instead of throwing it when it is entirely rotten will give you satisfaction in helping needy people. You will be relieved to get rid of undesirable belongings. Make your room spik and spank. Cleaning up your room will provide you with ample space for organizing things. It will improve your quality of life by making your belongings manageable. You will find the difference visibly. Purge everything you own, starting from your bedroom closet, jewelry, make-up to your obsolete souvenirs that you collected as memory and never used it.

This is a hard time, but it shall pass too. Do not waste your time pondering what to do and what, to begin with. Get up and make the most of this time. Adding up these hobbies in your routine will transform you into a productive and contented human being.

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