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Health & Wellness Archives - CretoFit
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Health & Wellness

tips for pregnant nurses

10 Tips for Pregnant Nurses

1500 1000 Rachel

Nursing is a demanding profession that takes a serious toll on your body. Add pregnancy to the mix, and an already-challenging job becomes even harder. In addition to swapping your usual medical scrubs for maternity…

60-Second Trick To Lower Blood Pressure

60-Second Trick To Lower Blood Pressure

800 500 Rachel

High blood pressure is risky and increases the risk of heart disease and stroke. These diseases cause the majority of deaths in the United States. High blood pressure is involved in two measurements such as…

Food That Makes People Sick

Food That Makes People Sick Will Often

850 500 Rachel

Have you ever paid attention to foods that make people sick? If not, then this blog has detailed information regarding this. We have seen older adults are more rapidly catching up with the illness. At…

Vladimir Putin's Health

Vladimir Putin’s Health Latest News

850 500 Rachel

Putin is known for a public persona of fitness. It’s hard to imagine the Russian president without his trademark black t-shirts and dark sunglasses, but he was once a very different man. Putin was born…

Benefits of Raw Cacao

Health Benefits of Raw Cacao: Why Raw Cacao Is Best For You?

800 500 Rachel

You must have heard about raw cacao, a tree that produces an egg-shaped fruit called pods. Here we are going to discuss raw cacao and what are the health benefits of it. There are numerous…

health benefits of pumpkin seeds

Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds & How To Add In Diet?

2000 1000 Rachel

Pumpkin seeds have numerous health benefits because they are rich in omega-3 fiber, healthy fats, antioxidants, and essential nutrients such as iron and magnesium. These seeds can be included in daily diet to improve the…

what is lunk alarm

What is Lunk Alarm At Planet Fitness?

1000 600 Rachel

Today, most of the work we do is limited to a desk and laptop. This causes obesity and other diseases in our bodies. Due to our busy schedules, we rarely have the opportunity to go…

Am I An alcoholic? man sitting sad holding head

Am I An Alcoholic? Signs of Alcoholism

800 500 Rachel

Maybe you have heard that alcoholics are homeless, steal things, and lose their job, and their families. And you probably do not fit into these criteria. However, addiction to alcohol may take many forms and…

Anxiety and Dizziness

What Causes Anxiety And Dizziness? Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

1184 592 Rachel

Anxiety dizziness can co-occur, and there are so many reasons for occurring. Dizziness is the main symptom of anxiety disorder, and it can trigger various types of anxiety disorders. You would find various reasons. You…

Digestive Problems

Understanding Your Digestive Problems: Identifying the Causes

311 162 Rachel

Millions of Americans suffer from digestive problems. Research leads us to put the number at around 20 percent of the population, between 60 and 70 million. Those digestive problems are more common than we’d like…

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