Malicious Narcissists in a Relationship

How to Deal with Malicious Narcissists in a Relationship?

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First, we must know about narcissists and their sarcastic and changing attitudes. A narcissistic person is highly abusive, gets satisfaction from hurting others, and is involved in the manipulation of other people to get personal desires.

A malicious narcissist is a terminology specifically used to explain a person’s personality with both attributes of narcissistic personality disorder and antisocial behavior patterns.

Some Obvious signs of a Malicious Narcissist:

signs of a Malicious Narcissist

If we observe the traits mentioned above by combining them, narcissists have a typical attitude of:

  • Arrogant behavior
  • Needy for power and identification
  • Use and exploit others for getting their selfish means
  • They do interfere in relationships and are quite untreatable

What do Narcissists do in their Relationship?

Malignant or malicious narcissists are not formally described but are commonly described for their pathetic attitude having both narcissistic personality disorder and antisocial disorder.

Some signs generally describe a narcissistic person based on their traits:

  • They feel superior to others
  • Repeating and changing behaviors
  • They need a lot of praise and appreciation from others
  • They react immediately when they face a slight criticism

If we see an anti-social side of narcissists, we can also see signs indicating their anti-social behavior, which stops them from being in a healthy relationship.

  • They lack empathy
  • Ignore and disrespect other’s feeling
  • Their intention is to get their selfish means and acts
  • These mixed signals and attitude stops narcissists from being in a healthy relationship

Different types of Narcissists:

Now we will discuss some different types of narcissists according to surveys by high professionals.

1. Grandiose Narcissists:

It is a common narcissist trait to exhibit arrogance, seek validation from others, and be envious of others.

2. Malignant Narcissists:

It is a clear sign of malignant narcissists, who have fragile egos and lash out at others to boost their egos.

3. Covert or vulnerable Narcissists:

This type of narcissist is less toxic and always blames others and the world for their mistakes. They never take ownership; instead, they constantly do the blame game.

4. Communal Narcissists:

The person included in this list is the one who wants validation and approval from others. They continuously seek them from people either on social media platforms by posting their photos to relax or using any other relaxing technique. They stimulate their ego and inner self by showing off their deeds to the world.

According to some survey reports, it has been observed that 75% of males are narcissistic because of their exquisite traits. Females are less affected, but feelings of shame and victimhood are still prevalent in females.

How do Narcissists act in a relationship?

impact of Narcissists on relationship

If you are currently in a relationship with narcissists, you must recognize them early and possibly stay away from them.

  • Your narcissist partner will be continuously obsessed with themselves
  • They seek constant approval
  • They always assume that they are right
  • They have some complex issues, mostly superiority complex
  • They are super sensitive to slight criticism

In the beginning, a narcissist entangles others by showing excessive love or love bombarding you, treating you like a princess or fairy, and you consider the best partner. But in the end, they easily control you, are instantly jealous, and are easily offended by you.

In a shell of romance, they criticize you and devalue or disrespect you over trivial matters. They lose intimacy, and they start blackmailing you emotionally. This narcissistic attitude can damage your personality and self-esteem.

These traits erode your self-confidence:

  • Manipulates your thoughts
  • Lack of showing empathy
  • Flamboyant and grandiosity traits
  • Treats you like trash or just an accessory to get their own selfish needs

How can you handle Narcissists and deal with them?

When dealing with narcissists in your relationship, you must get counselling from specified professionals, friends, and family members. It is not good to endure these things alone as it disturbs your personality.

  • Never under-estimate your self-esteem
  • Don’t compromise on your self-respect, and don’t call yourself a victim
  • Practice and rebuild your self-confidence and inner growth to cope against such odds

You must be careful and attentive about being in a relationship with narcissists.

  • They ask all questions about and interrogate everything about you. You must feel what kind of person they are
  • They part ways immediately after the negative comments by their friends and family. So, you have to be aware of that
  • They take control of the relationship, so it’s up to you if you want to stay with them or away from them
  • Narcissists have a typical way of dealing with others by trivializing others; you have to think a good person always respects their staff, co-workers, and even waitstaff

Building new Relationships to cope with Narcissists:

handle with Narcissists in relationship

Narcissists’ partners are self-absorbed; they focus on themselves without giving value and loving someone else. They need partners to satisfy their needs and fulfil their demands. You must grow a healthy relationship by caring for yourself, self-growth, and having a loving attitude and must know how to deal with Anxiety.

1. Walk away from Narcissistic relations:

If you are not feeling well and get hurt by them, it is the right time to leave them and start a new journey. Fighting and complaining will make things worse. So, it is better to walk over with such a relationship.

2. Set your Boundaries:

You have to set and clear your boundaries if your partner manipulates you. You must lower yourself by being vulnerable in a negative relationship. You must have the courage and strength to leave them if things are not right for you.

3. Your self-respect is much essential:

As we have discussed earlier, yourself is essential compared to anything else. You must protect it!

You have to be compassionate and positive about yourself. Always make healthy relations with positive people that uplift you in every situation. Don’t continue your relationship with an abusive partner or friends.


It is easy for anyone to fall in love with narcissists, but their manipulative behavior will affect you in a certain way. They use you as a tool to satisfy their needs and fulfil their demand. It is better to get rid of them and make healthy relationships in the future.

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