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Even though breast cancer is prevalent mostly in women, there are also chances of men being diagnosed with the disease.

Even though it is rare, it does happen and must be checked for. Both females and males have breast cells and tissues, and they can be diagnosed with breast cancer. Although there is just a one percent chance of the disease in men, it can be harmful to ignore.

A lump underneath the areola and nipple is how it is usually detected in men. Even though it is not yet apparent as to what causes breast cancer in men, it is said that it can occur when the breast cells start multiplying more than the normal cells.

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Kinds of Breast Cancer in Men

  • Invasive Ductal Carcinoma: Growing outside the duct and in other parts of the breast tissue, these invasive cancer cells are harmful as they can also spread to other parts of the body.
  • Invasive Lobular Carcinoma: This happens when the close-by breast tissues are infected by cancer cells from the lobules. These can also spread to the rest of the parts in the body.
  • Ductal Carcinoma In Situ (DCIS): This disease can lead to dangerous cancer. It remains in the lining of the duct and hasn’t spread to the other tissues in the breast.

Symptoms of Breast Cancer in Men

If you identify any of the symptoms mentioned below in yourself, you must check with your doctor without any delay to get it treated and ensure that you are safe. These signs and symptoms include:

  • Unusual swelling or lump in the breast
  • Flaky skin or redness in the breast
  • Irritation of the breast skin
  • Nipple Discharge
  • Pain in the nipple area
  • Retraction of the nipple

How Men can get Breast Cancer too- The Risk Factors

Family History:

If anyone in your family history has had or currently have breast cancer, the chances are likely to be higher of you getting it.


Age matters a lot when it comes to health, and the risk of breast cancer increases as you get older. Most cases have been found in people aged above 50.

Genetic Mutation:

The inherited changes in genes such as BRCA1 and BRCA2 increase the chances and risk of breast cancer.


Cause of many problems, if you are overweight or obese, it can also increase the risk of breast cancer in you.

Liver Diseases:

When due to any liver problems like Cirrhosis, the androgen levels drop, and estrogen levels in you increase, the risk of breast cancer is increased significantly.

Radiation Therapy:

If you have had radiation therapy to the chest, there are higher chances of getting the disease.

Therefore, we must not ignore the risk of breast cancer in men as it is possible even though the number of cases reported is less. Health is one of the most precious gifts, and we shouldn’t take it lightly.

Regular checkups are necessary, and if any unusual signs and symptoms are seen, it is advisable to consult Max Hospital as it is one of the best cancer specialists in India with superb facilities and expert doctors to save it from getting worse immediately.

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