How to Stay Entertained While You’re Stuck at Home

How to Stay Entertained While You’re Stuck at Home

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Dealing with the repercussions of coronavirus seems like a never ending battle. Self-care needs to be a priority in your routine to better equip yourself in the pandemic.

Coronavirus and the Impacts of Isolation

While stay at home guidelines have been enforced to keep the population safe from the pandemic, studies have shown a rise in separate negative repercussions. The lack of human interaction from being isolated can cause increased levels of stress and anxiety.

Being pulled away from our daily routines is overwhelming. This new routine also puts more stress on our living space. There’s only so much Netflix you can watch to entertain yourself and spending more time at home will undoubtedly cause an increase to many people’s Eversource utility bill.


But on the other hand, being at home has given us more time to control our daily routines, sleep schedule, food choices, and sunlight. No morning commute means no traffic and less pollution. Restaurant and bar closures means less temptation for high-calorie cocktails and unhealthy food. And most importantly, we can dedicate more time with our loved ones, if in the same home.

Therefore, investing in self-care as part of the ‘new normal’ is essential when taking care of your mental and physical well-being.

Ideas to Stay Entertained While at Home

  • Embrace your inner child: Why not bring back the good memories when you were a child – with an adult twist, and order an adult colouring book. Give your eyes a rest from working at a screen all day and unleash your creativity by colouring in beautiful hand-drawn designs.
  • Take up a new hobby: Being in isolation is the best time to pick up a new skill. With websites like Skillshare or MasterClass, you can find a new passion and increase your employability as you learn a new language or learn how to code.
  • Plant nature indoors: Although staying at home doesn’t necessarily inhibit people from going on a walk or exercising outside, we are getting a reasonably less amount of sunlight and exposure to nature. Why not invest in more houseplants to brighten up your home.
  • Don’t sleep on subscription services: From living your nostalgia through Disney+ or living everyday as if it were Halloween with Shudder, there’s a subscription service for everyone’s home entertainment taste.

Mental Health and Self Care Tips

  • Feed your mind with healthy food: Keeping a regular and nutritious diet gives us the energy we need to work from home, make responsible decisions, and sleep better at night. If you’re struggling with fitting in the time to cook daily meals, try to stock your cupboards with healthy snacks.
  • Make time to move: It’s easy to get lost in work, cooking, and family. But, did you know one of the most recommended methods of exercise only takes 15-minutes? HIIT is not only time efficient but is proven to be more effective for heart health, fat loss, and strength gain.
  • Everyday is a spa day: Finally fit in those moments of rest and relaxation you were dreaming about in the middle of a work meeting. While you type away on the final report, why not put on a face mask? As you wind down for bed, soothe yourself next to an essential oil diffuser. Most diffusers even have soothing color-changing lights for added ambience and will lower stress.

Sleep like a champion: Being productive and motivated to tackle the day is heavily affected by sleep. Make sure to set yourself a regular sleeping schedule by setting alarms and turning off digital devices an hour or so before bed. Investing in a weighted blanket also keeps you warm in the winter months, while helping you get your 7-9 hours sleep.


With social distancing and staying at home being the new normal, it’s important to prioritize self-care. What’s a few purchases for added entertainment and relaxation when it comes to improved mental and physical wellbeing?

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