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How does a 21 year old guy feel if he is a subject to laugh among his peer groups because of his skinny body? Yes, I have no shame accepting that I have been in that situation. I tried almost everything but couldn’t succeed in getting the right result. My metabolism was very high so anything I eat gets burnt easily. I used to spend a good amount of time in the gym yet there was no major difference. I lost and decided to give up but my trainer noticed the thing and told me why I am here. I didn’t know the importance of diet and meal plan till that time. But now I am preparing for competition. Here I am sharing my experience of weight gaining with you.

Weight Gaining Experience | Tips

  • Make a training schedule according to your goal. All you have to do is include heavy weight exercises with the help of your trainer. Avoid intense cardio exercises only focus on strengthening exercises. Change your exercises every day. Every body part engagement is necessary while training. Every week for the same body part exercise increases the weight. Take support if you are not able to pull it but increasing weight is mandatory for seeing changes.
  • Before and after your training, take supplements like Endura mass for nourishment. It helps you to provide a good amount of calories so that your body gets more calories than it burns a day. If you want faster results and have a skinny body, you can take three doses of it in a day. While taking the supplement, keep the hydration level good otherwise you will have digestive problems. It is better to take electrolytes with the water. Or you can just have natural flavored water with mint leaves, lemon water, honey and some other blend. People were discussing this on a Write for us Health page, where everyone can discuss anything.
  • Never miss your meal whether you are taking supplements or not. In fact, use carbohydrates rich foods more often. Remember to take a clean source of calories. Protein is also important for faster muscle recovery. If muscles don’t recover soon, you will experience pain and soon you leave your training. So, all the nutrients should be there in your meal but calories must be more than anything. Increase your diet day by day slowly. Don’t rush. Believe me, you will enjoy the weight gaining process.
  • Hydration is one of the most important aspects of living healthy. Even whatever your fitness goal is, it helps you accordingly. We only know that water is very useful when it comes to thirst. But its role is not limited to just it. A sufficient water level in the body helps your body to do several bodily functions including carrying nutrients to your muscles, oxygen to different parts of the body, helps in digestion, good for joints, good for cooling body temperature, normalizing the blood pressure, stabilizing the heart health, and many more. But in bodybuilding water level also plays an important role. With transporting the nutrients, water plays an important role in relaxing and nourishing the muscles. Also minimize the side effects of supplements. Usually, eight glasses of water in  a day is recommended but you have to consume it as per your requirement.
  • Sleeping plays an important role in muscle building and gaining weights. It is a time when the body stores calories and produces growth hormones. Muscles need to be relaxed after their exercises and need 7 to 8 hours proper sleep. Without proper sleeping, the body will not heal accordingly so never compromise with the sleep in any case. Avoid such activities that hamper the sleep quality including smoking, increased screen time, and others. Also avoid drinking water in the night as it hampers your sleep. It lowers the temperature of your body and you feel like going to the toilet in the middle of the midnight. You can drink some sips of water but not in large amounts.

Last Words:

All these things are based on my personal experience. You may get help from these tips and you can create your own method to gain weight. But some things are common like proper guidance, discipline, Endura Mass, and  hunger to achieve no matter what it takes. Pull all the things together and gain an excellent weight.

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