Juvéderm Lumps massage in lips

How To Massage Juvéderm Lumps in Lips

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Juvéderm is an aesthetic treatment that is employed to help deflated skin retain its skin volume. In this procedure, hyaluronic acid is injected as a facial filler that reduces the appearance of deep facial creases. It is a facial treatment for the signs of aging.

Juvéderm is one of the most popular non-surgical cosmetic treatments in the US. It is commonly used for the face and, more specifically, cheeks, lips, and mouth area. The results may remain for one or two years.

Getting Prepared For Juvéderm

The people who usually undergo plastic or cosmetic surgery have certain goals. Before getting any type of plastic or cosmetic treatment, it is important to talk to your doctor about your goals. After getting a consultation, you do not need much preparation for it as it is not an invasive procedure.

However, it is important to let your doctor know about possible allergies you have. Following doctor advice as normally before the procedure, it is essential to avoid medications such as aspirin and ibuprofen. You should also avoid alcohol and nicotine before the Juvéderm procedure.

Juvéderm Risks And Side Effects

It is a cosmetic treatment, and a person may experience some degree of swelling and bruising. The side effects are less common and may even vary from one person to another person. These are some general side effects

·         Itching

·         Tenderness

·         Redness

·         Pain

·         Lumps

In most cases, these signs are temporary and may ease up within two to four weeks. However, more serious side effects may occur with serious mishandling, such as mistakenly injecting into a blood vessel. Therefore it is essential to choose an expert and professional doctor that can help to minimize the likelihood of risks.

What To Expect After Juvéderm

This cosmetic treatment has minimal recovery time. People going through Juvéderm treatment are advised to take care of certain things, which are as following

·         Avoid unnecessarily sun exposure

·         Minimize strenuously physical activity

·         Avoid wearing makeup

·         Minimize consuming alcohol or nicotine more specifically 24 hours post-treatment

Why Is It Important To Avoid Alcohol?

Alcohol is generally damaging to overall health. In the case of cosmetic treatment, consuming alcohol after treatment may cause more swelling and bruising. Therefore, it should be avoided. Furthermore, alcohol can make skin dry. For healthier and younger-looking skin, it is essential to avoid alcohol.

Many people know that alcohol addiction is certainly leading them towards serious consequences, but they are not sure how to deal with it. Considering alcohol addiction as a serious problem is the first step. Getting an expert opinion by calling an addiction helpline is the next step to seek further guidance. This can help you to choose the right treatment.

How To Massage Juvéderm Lip Massage

It is more common to have lumps and bumps, especially in lips, as these are more vascular. It is more likely to develop lumps in lips after getting cosmetic lip filler like Juvéderm. In order to get rid of such lumps in lips, you can take some steps. Massaging is one of the most effective methods to get rid of Juvéderm lip lumps. Let us see how a person can successfully massage lips.

1.     Know About Your Condition

Before beginning with massage, it is first important to know about your condition. There should not be any lumps if your doctor has done everything right. However, in case you get them, it is better first to consult your doctor.

Many times lumps are actually due to relocation of filler. If this is the case, then you need to massage to get the lump in place. If you are not sure, then your dermatologist might help you figure it out.

2.     Consult A Good Dermatologist

After that, you are sure that your lip lump needs a massage. The next question is from where to get one. It is generally advisable to go to a professional dermatologist to get a massage for your lip lump. If you live far away from the doctor, then, in this case, it is better to seek a doctor’s advice first.

3.     Massage It Away

Normally dermatologists use a gel for massage purposes. They first take some gel and then apply it to the skin. The right way is to be gentle while massaging lip lumps. Massage is done in a semi-circle motion around the lip. It is also important to massage the mouth area as many people do complain about pain around the gums. This will soothe any kind of pain around the mouth.

4.     Get A Gentle Start

Always remember to get a gentle start and begin slowly. Even if you are doing it by yourself, it is important to remember that you need to add pressure gradually after taking a smooth start. You should aim to relocate lip filler if it has dislocated.

 If you have swelling even after two weeks, then you should massage your lips every day. Even after massaging it daily, if you still feel that swelling has not gone, then you should immediately consult your doctor.

5.     Get Moving Over And Above

Along with being gentle, it is important to remember that your lips are really delicate. Giving them a hard pressure and directly rubbing them can make them worse. Do not forget that fierce rubbing can make them bruised. The right way is to massage over and above your lip lumps. Right massage can help to keep away lumps during the whole period.

6.     Find The Best Surgeon

The best way to avoid it is by making sure that you find the right plastic surgeon. You can find a number of surgeons out there in the market, but not all are equally good. Juvéderm lumps only result when the fillers are not injected correctly. Always choose the professional one even if it costs a bit more.

Take Away

Cosmetic procedures are not for everyone, but if someone really desires one, it is better to consult a professional and experienced doctor. This will help to avoid undesirable outcomes such as lumps in the case of Juvéderm.

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