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Matt Ramos: Thoughtful Tips and Tricks to Become Successful! - CretoFit
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Matt Ramos: Thoughtful Tips and Tricks to Become Successful!

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Matt Ramos, well-known as ‘SUPES,’ is a prominent pop culture journalist, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur. Matt has a huge fan following of around 2 million followers on the TikTok handle.

This 19-year-old young man wants to make people smile with his unique content. His diverse content expresses entertainment, informing and inspiring the audience. The content ranges from reviews, vlogs, celebrity reviews and interviews, unboxing new products, live streaming, and much more


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Matt Ramos Background

Matt Ramos was born in Miami, Florida. His parents significantly helped Ramos in achieving goals and named him SUPES. He was also raised in Miami; he loved superheroes from childhood.

Matt Ramos Biography

  • Ramos belongs to Miami; he has grown up seeing and loving superheroes, practically applying to himself. His main goal is to bring positive change to the world through his actions.
  • That’s why his love for superheroes inspired him to take action by serving people and putting a smile on their faces.

Matt Ramos gives credit for his success to his mother, that was selflessly involved in making her position. He has positive energy and vibes that makes him stand out, continuously working on diversifying his craft.

SUPES Achievements

After a huge success, Ramos partnered with various famous brands, typically the biggest ones like Marvel, Disney, DC Comics, Warner Bros, Hot Topic, and much more.

He has also worked and collaborated with various celebrities like Justin Baldoni (well-known actor, director, and author), Lewis Howes (famous author, international speaker, and entrepreneur), and Brad R Lambert (renowned producer and international motivational speaker). Ramos is working on favorite platforms as he has gained 2 million followers with a verified account on TikTok, Twitch, and YouTube.

The most apparent achievement that makes Ramos proud is making others happy and bringing smiles to their faces. His main goal is to make other’s life better.

How did Matt Ramos become SUPES and get 2 million followers?

SUPES has become a major social media influencer by his great attitude and good ethic of work that makes him different from others. His serving and selfless attitude have made him stand out.


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A post shared by Matt Ramos (@therealsupes)

Passionate About Serving Other People

  • SUPES has become persistent in love and serving other people. Ramos believes in enjoying work by doing other people. It all happens when you have a positive mentality and live to give to others.
  • Matt Ramos delivers his message through his content and craft, thoroughly researching and diversifying his content.
  • Ramo’s love for pop culture has intrigued him in serving the whole process

Sharing Successful Tricks

For gaining continuous success, you have to be consistent in making your goals and pattern of working in daily life.

  • SUPES makes a schedule and uses some techniques to increase his productivity.
  • He starts his day by waking up early in the morning, going for a walk to warm up his body, listening to music, and going over his goals.
  • He energizes his body and mind to face the audience. You have to be efficient and active before going on to create something, as this stimulates your audience’s energy.

Healthy Lifestyle Tips and Tricks

Matt Ramos usually insists on a healthy lifestyle by making your body and mind healthy. He shares some distressing tips to reduce your anxiety and stress levels.

  • His main tip is to live the present moment and not too much worry about anything else.
  • He makes himself unwind by listening to music, watching movies, and journaling. These tips boost his productivity and energy.


Matt Ramos, better known as SUPES, addresses his audience and starters with a clear vision of goals. According to Ramos, one should have clarity about his vision and goals by continuously pursuing his future.

You have to be aware and clear about what you want in your life and must be courageous and resilient enough to make passage through obstacles.




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