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Write for US

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Cretofit is a social platform that publishes the latest ideas related to Diet &Weight loss, Health &Wellness, Lifestyle, and Exercise. We aim to provide our audience with a healthier, happier, and fitter life with the best tips on lifestyle, health issues, and workouts.

Certofit is a social blog dedicated to energizing your life with blogs that promote new thinking, trends, and patterns. Now we allow our readers to write for us; it will enable you to give words to your imagination and fantasies and bring them to the worldly eyes.

Essential Guidelines for Guest Posting

There is a set of guidelines that set boundaries and criteria for those interested in publishing their thoughts for the audience on our blog.

Article Length

The first and foremost requirement to fulfill is a well-organized article with a word limit raging between 1000-1500 words. A well-searched article will allow you to share more thoughts on the subject. More ideas will pitch more viewers with varied interests.

A thorough and engaging article is also competent with search engines. Make sure your article meets these criteria to get published on our blog. Also, make sure you write an SEO-optimized article.

Relevant Topics

A guest writer needs to make sure that the selection of topics is synchronized with our blog’s main categories. Doing so will ensure substantial probabilities of getting your article published soon. Before writing down your ideas, make sure it’s an alliance with the blog’s main themes. We will highly appreciate it if you write up-to-date content for the guest post.


You may share articles and write-ups related to any of these categories

  • Diet & Weight Loss
  • Health & Wellness
  • Lifestyle
  • Exercises

If you are looking forward to writing for us, then it is essential to make sure that the article you share relates to these categories. The best that you can deliver is a write-up that goes by these categories. Unfortunately, unrelated articles would not get published on our blog.

External Link

Besides an article and blog post, we also provide freedom to the writer that allows him/her to have a follow link to the writer’s blog. This is, however, limited to just one link. Another limitation here is that your blog should be relevant, and it should be your blog.


Guest posting does not allow you to use your write-up to market and promote specific products and specific sites. We do facilitate the advertisement of products and commercial sites under the sub-category “sponsored posts.” If you are interested in an advertisement, you can contact us with the subject “sponsored post.”


We aim to promote healthy, positive, and optimistic ideas through our blog. Please write to us about articles that promote the same aspect. Some examples from recently published posts may help out in setting down the right approach. For further details, visit the blog. You need to follow the same pattern and maintain the article’s quality, so it has more chance of getting published.

Writing for Readers

There is no hard and fast rule if you are thinking of writing down your ideas. It is an art to write an engaging post or article for the target audience. Convey your ideas and thoughts; its uniqueness might compel the audience, proving the best thing to which, the audience can relate.

Reader’s Friendly Ideas

You can make your article impactful yet straightforward with some standard techniques. Be simple in the selection of words so that your message reaches out to all regardless of any discrimination. Make it exciting and reader-friendly by using headings, sub-headings and adding bullets where necessary.


To make a write-up that is strong enough to get attention from the viewers. You may use visuals, pictures, and videos. It is an art and entirely up to the writer’s wishes. You may design a write-up with these incorporations according to the requirement of the topic. Our primary purpose is to get your ideas to people that can be grasped easily.

No Inclusion of Affiliate Link

We do not promote any affiliate links in our write-ups. This is against our policy, and it may additionally hamper the reputation. If you are interested in the promotion of affiliate links, then to get this facility contact us. Let us know your interests, and we shall facilitate you accordingly.

Plagiarism-Free Content

The ideas and thoughts in your write-up should solely be yours. We do not publish plagiarized content on our platform. Content taken and copy-pasted from other websites would not be published at all. If you have ideas to share, then we certainly will put them on our blog. We do check on plagiarism of the provided content before posting it on the website.

How to Submit the Article?

Do you want to write for us then don’t hesitate to share your details by filling out a simple form on our website. You may contact us for any information regarding promotion, advertising, and content publishing ideas. Make sure it follows and fulfills the mentioned guidelines. You may drop down your email address; we will surely get back to you.

You can also reach us by filling the below form.


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