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slim figure
Basic Philosophy: The interval between meals should not exceed 5 hours. Eat slowly and chew carefully. Do not drink water with meals. However, drink only 40 minutes after eating. Eat foods containing fiber: vegetables, cereals, green foods. Healthy Food. Daily Recipes: Meals include five meals. Breakfast requires carbohydrates (cereals, honey tea, etc.). Vegetable or fruit... / READ MORE /
Kids homework
For kids, the thought of homework is always overwhelming. Almost all of us procrastinate. But doing homework doesn’t always have to be dreadful. With Spectrum packages for home entertainment, wide availability of the Internet and the excessive use of smartphones, some parents struggle to make their kids concentrate. Fortunately, parents can help their kids develop... / READ MORE /
Routine for perfect skin
After washing, the serum is first applied and then the cream. Each day begins and ends with a short ceremony with beautiful and healthy skin. “How can I get the beauty of my skin?” The answer to the question is as simple as brushing your teeth every day, you can add cleansing and moisture to... / READ MORE /